Van Trinh Cave

Van Trinh Cave is located in Mo Mountain (Wooden Bell Mountain), in Van Trinh hamlet; Thuong Hoa Commune, Nho Quan district. The cave, which still keeps its natural beauty with the purity and simplicity of the stone, is both accessible by boat from Kenh Ga and car along the Dyke of Hoang Long River. With an area of around 3,500 square meters, Van Trinh Cave is the biggest dry cave of Ninh Binh consisting of two connected caves. 

The lower cave, called Ca Cave, is divided into two separate areas by a stalactite screen, and has high ceiling and many beautiful stalactites on the walls. The cave foundation contains many multi-shape stone stalactites. Many stalactites form artificial ornamental basin with full edges and decorative patterns, the water is always full and clear. 

The second cave looks like a big theatre with many stalactites hanging from the ceiling, touching the foundation with the height of dozens of metres. The stalactites have melodious sounds like the sound of a gong and musical stone when we knock on it. Because of its beauty, the local people named it Fairy Descending Cave (Giang Tien Cave). Legend says that a young fairy wanting to help the local people feed their children found the place so marvellous that she chose the cave as her living quarters. The fairy's swimming pool inside the cave is always filled with pure water. The poor sought the fairy's help by leaving a piece of cloth in the temple as an offering. When they returned, they found the cloth had been replaced with a baby's jacket that helped the child grow quickly.