Lotus blossom season on Van Long Nature Reserve

Van Long Wetland Nature Reserve covers more than 3,000 hectares in Gia Vien district, Ninh Binh Vietnam. This is a beautiful site that holds two national records for having the most Delacour’s langurs and for being the largest unspoiled landscape in Vietnam. Van Long Nature Reserve is a popular eco-tourism destination.

An ideal house for plants and animals

Van Long is the largest wetland nature reserve in northern Vietnam. On small bamboo boats, tourists travel through high reeds along small streams at the foot of the mountains to admire the reserve’s magnificent landscape. Van Long is the most beautiful in the summer when the lotus flowers blossom. Under the water, algae and other aquatic plants sway along with the rhythm of the oars.
Van Long is a land full of mysteries, is an ideal home for plants and animals. It is home to 457 species of higher plants, including eight species listed in Red Book of Viet Nam. It compote 39 species of animals including 12 species is rare and precious as primates, lorises, chamois, bears, etc., and especially the famous monkey pants leg. A poetic picture unfolds before your eyes: the mountains kiss the clouds, reflecting in the water surface forming a spectacle neither real nor imaginary. The purpose of the mountains Quan, Nghien, Trong interned with green trees whose leaves feed the monkeys in pants leg. Those animals do vibrant in these mountainous areas and in the Cuc Phuong National Park. During the day, we can see down to eat or drink. The boat glides over the carpet of algae preserved. The Marble Mountains with their legends take visitors to a magical world.


Van Long is nicknamed “a bay without waves” because the water is as calm as a giant mirror reflecting mountains and clouds. The reserve has a thousand caves, each with its own legend. Do Thi Theu is a boat rower:“From here, one can clearly see rough lines on the cliff from the top to the foot of the mountain which looks like marks left by the claws of a cat. This cliff is listed in the book of Vietnam Records as “the largest stone mass”.

If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy the beautiful nature without interrupting, Van Long is a perfect choice for your trip. Join an amazing Ninh Binh tour with us to have the most unforgettable experience!